Upon Westminster Bridge

It has just been announced from Westminster that Boris Johnson, the prime minister, Nick Hancock, the health minister, Dr Witty, the chief medical officer and Prince Charles have all gone into self isolation with Corona virus. Here in Britain we are in lock down and non essential workers and most pensioners have to stay at home. We are only allowed out to buy essential supplies and to exercise near home once a day. We are not allowed to visit friends or family.

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Don’t panic if you have to self isolate and still need money

This is going to be a very difficult time for a lot of people. Many people will be unable to work. The coronavirus/corvid 19 means that a lot of people have to find work that they can do from home. people with certain pre existing medical conditions such as COPD, cystic fibrosis or heart problems have been told to self isolate maybe for months and to avoid social contact.  If you are in this situation you will still need to pay your bills.

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Bristol Street art

Policemen with riot shields fighting a teddy bear

Bristol is famous for its street art. It is after all the home of Banksy.  In inner Bristol graffiti adorns  shop fronts, back alleys underpasses and almost any available surface. Some older residents regret the invention of the spray paint can  but tourists love discovering hidden gems. I have grown to appreciate it and it certainly brightens up our drab city streets.

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Roald Dahl and the little Norwegian church

Looking over Cardiff bay with #Norwegian church on the left
Cardiff bay with the little church on the left

Every Thursday door loving bloggers from around the world come together to share photos of doors and tell the stories behind them. My entry to Norms Thursday doors this week is from Cardiff the capital of Wales which we visited for a St. David’s day walk on Sunday. The little white clapboard church with its stubby spire where Roald Dahl was baptised is in stark contrast to the imposing modern buildings including the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff bay. Continue reading “Roald Dahl and the little Norwegian church”