Bristol life in a lockdown part two

It has been a strange month. Like much of the world we have been in a lockdown because of coronavirus. Despite modern science we are faced with a pandemic without effective drugs, vaccines or treatments. Governments can only advise us to stay at home. In England this means we are only supposed to go out for essential shopping or exercise. To be honest this staycation is getting boring according to my google timeline I travelled a total of nineteen miles in March. Continue reading “Bristol life in a lockdown part two”

The Stoke Park Estate Bristol


It is April 2020 and the country is under lockdown. Luckily we are allowed out for daily exercise and I have been able to spend time exploring the Stoke Park Estate which is in walking distance from my house. The familiar yellow castle which I can see from my bedroom window is one of Bristol’s most familiar landmarks. If you look to the left you can see it from the M32 as you enter the city from the east. Continue reading “The Stoke Park Estate Bristol”

Holy week in Seville

Today I have a guest post from my daughter Angela who has also provided the photos. She was lucky enough to spend three months teaching English as a foreign language in a bilingual school in Seville in Southern Spain a couple of years ago and experienced the Easter celebrations for holy week.  This was part of the Erasmus scheme which provides study opportunities abroad for both students and teachers. She was surprised to find that children got a lot less chocolate than at home and a shorter Easter holiday. Many of the children came to school wearing national costume.


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Easter wishes from Bristol


Easter will be very strange this year. In some ways nothing has changed. There are still lambs in the fields and bluebells in the woods.  Birds are making nests and trees are coming into leaf. In other ways every thing has changed. I never imagined I would live through a pandemic. A virus has emerged for which we have no vaccine or treatment and our only defence is the euphemistically titled “social distancing”. For most people it means we can no longer see our family or friends for fear of spreading infection. Here in England restaurants, pubs and non essential shops have been closed and sporting events have been cancelled.

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