January was a grey month

William IV on horseback Queens square Bristol

January has been a grey month here in Bristol. Instead of fresh snow glistening in the sunlight we have had low grey cloud and drizzle.  Apparently temperatures have been above average but there has been a decided lack of sunlight. This combined with the short winter northern European days meant my cosy living room. was more inviting than usual.

Grey can be an interesting colour. My blog is called the platinum line and the metal platinum is more valuable than the flashier gold or silver. Before my marriage I worked in a metallurgical laboratory and we used platinum electrodes. They could be easily cleaned in a Bunsen burner flame and we learnt to value the properties of this dull plain metal. When I was young I watched television in black and white and my first attempts at photography were made using monochrome film and a box brownie.

Terri Webster Shrandt a talented photographer and blogger runs a regular challenge called Sunday stills. For the last week of  January she set the theme grey and it got me thinking about some of the beauty of old films and photos.  Many of the black and white photographs from the great war have a stark and terrible beauty. The grainy images of barbed wire and mud and the faces of the doomed young men will be forever associated with that conflict.

Some of my photos

While I can not hope to match their skill and am glad that I do not have to record a similar tragedy here are some of my grey shots.

Top: The statue of William IV on horse back , Queens square Bristol. I like the monochrome of the statue against the different shades of the clouds.

Clevedon Pier and marrine lake
The photo that went wrong

This photo was supposed to look so different. We visited Clevedon a Victorian seaside resort at the mouth of the  Severn estuary to photograph the last sunset of the decade. The suns rays should have been reflected in the marine lake in the foreground. Instead we had grey sky, grey sea and the Welsh coast in the background is hidden in sea mist.

An angel gravestone ~Arnos vale cemetery
I think the grey adds atmosphere to this shot.

Sometimes I think grey can help give a sense of history. This was a photo I took on a Halloween walk in an overgrown garden cemetery in Bristol. The grey seems to give the angel an otherworldly feel.

A grey day on the blue Danube
Not the blue Danube

This photo does have a touch of colour. We visited Linz in Austria to help my daughter who was teaching English as a second language move some luggage. However this was not how I imagined the blue Danube to look.

All of these photos were taken using colour settings and none have been filtered.  I enjoyed writing a post for this weeks challenge and I will be interested to see how other people attempt it. 


Author: Anne Fraser

Hi, I am Anne, I am a retired nurse from Bristol in South West England. I am married with five grown up children, four boys and a girl , a grandson and a cat. I like History, travel and reading. I hope to connect with other people with similar interests.

16 thoughts on “January was a grey month”

  1. There have been a lot of grey days here in Texas this year. But I love the grey tones in your photography. Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHERING OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 11

  2. Anne, Grey days and minimal sunlight can affect moods. I am with you on the cozy living room. I call it an opportunity to cocoon. Fascinating on the platinum information and your personal link to platinum. Very impressive and moody grey photos.

  3. It has been so miserable here in Dorset too, although we did see some sunshine when we dropped Kian back at UWE. We stopped in Bath on the way home to make the most of it

  4. I love the way you almost celebrate the greyness of the last month. I think to many of us hate us without actually appreciating the beauty of the dull grey months x

  5. Two more days until February and I hope you get better weather then. I am loving your grey theme to the blog and the photos compliment the theme as well.

  6. It is definetly a good colour theme for january, I look out of my window and it is mostly grey. Love the idea of looking for photographs with a colour inspiration,

  7. Your photos are amazing! It really had been a grey month here too – I think grey makes for such striking images and photographs

  8. Your monochrome images are perfect to depict gray, Anne. I’ve been there hoping for a dynamic photo on a trip and capture…mud, or ice or another unexpected element. I agree that gray makes an amazing backdrop as a neutral that makes other colors pop. I’m so glad you shared your beautiful photography for Sunday Stills, Anne! Check out my photography page in my blog’s menu for next month’s themes 😊

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