About me


A picture of me in La Cigale Nantes

The picture is of a dog with his head through a picture
Gromit outside the Royal Academy of Art in Bristol


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a retired nurse from Bristol in South West England.    I am married with five grownup children. four boys and a girl , one grandson and a cat.  My hobbies are travelling, history and reading which I hope to share with you.

A large wooden gruffulo in the woods
The Gruffalo at the National arboretum at Westonbirt just outside Bristol

In my spare time I enjoy walking particularly around historic sites.
I chose the title the Platinum Line for my blog as Platinum as well as being a valuable metal is associated with the number seventy particularly a seventieth wedding anniversary and I hope to still be blogging in three years time when I am seventy. My tagline is financing the fun after retirement and I would like to share tips on having fun while staying solvent.

best wishes


       My Local Patch

Wallace with Bristol cathedral in the background
This is Wallace by Bristol cathedral.

When I started this site I intended to write a travel blog.  However I found many of my visitors were from overseas particularly the U.S.A and I thought they might be interested in learning more about Bristol and the surrounding area so I have written some posts for them.  I have visited some of these sites as a mystery shopper.

Two National Properties to visit near Bath

The Gromit trail in Bristol

Westonbirt going for gold