About me

A picture of me in La Cigale Nantes

The picture is of a dog with his head through a picture
Gromit outside the Royal Academy of Art in Bristol


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a retired nurse from Bristol in South West England.    I am married with five grownup children, four boys and a girl , two grandchildren  and a cat.  Last year was an important year for us as Bill and I celebrated our ruby wedding, our youngest son Christopher got married and my  second son presented us with our first granddaughter.

When I left school I went to University in Bangor in North Wales to study History with subsidiary French and German and now I am retired I have rekindled my interest in these subjects. I hope I can use my blog to connect with other people who share my interests and that together we can conquer the world of technology and social media.

I am also keen to exchange ideas on how to age gracefully or disgracefully.

A large wooden gruffulo in the woods
The Gruffalo at the National arboretum at Westonbirt just outside Bristol

In my spare time I enjoy walking particularly around historic sites and  I belong to a walking group called a “walk in the past”. I also attend U3A (University of the third age) French and German conversation groups.

I chose the title the Platinum Line for my blog as Platinum as well as being a valuable metal is associated with the number seventy particularly a seventieth wedding anniversary and I hope to still be blogging in three years time when I am seventy. My tagline is financing the fun after retirement and I would like to share tips on having fun while staying solvent.

best wishes


       My Local Patch

Wallace with Bristol cathedral in the background
This is Wallace by Bristol cathedral. The grass was very dry in the summer.

When I started this site I intended to write a travel blog.  However I found many of my visitors were from overseas particularly the U.S.A and I thought they might be interested in learning more about Bristol and the surrounding area so I have written some posts for them.  I have visited some of these sites as a mystery shopper.

A day trip to Bletchley Park

Visiting the Royal Mint at Llantrisant

Two National Properties to visit near Bath

The Gromit trail in Bristol

Westonbirt going for gold

A day out in Wells

The Bristol Blitz

The Bristol Slave trade

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Best wishes