How to start a small business from home after retirement

A young girl working on her computer while running a small business from home.


One way to make more money and set yourself up for a pleasant retirement is to work for yourself. Having your own business is an excellent way to have more control over your life, schedule, and career.

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Ashton Court Estate A walk in the park

The historic  850 acre Ashton Court Estate is a firm favourite with Bristolians. It is just 10 minutes from the centre of Bristol and is a marvellous place to relax or enjoy woodland walks, golf or mountain biking.  Nature lovers can enjoy watching herds of red and fallow deer, spotting the large oak trees, rare beetles or wild flowers. It is also home to the world famous balloon festival and in a normal year you can enjoy watching over a hundred balloons take off or see the magical night glow when the pilots light their burners in time to music. Continue reading “Ashton Court Estate A walk in the park”

Enjoying retirement after lockdown

Around the world people are emerging from lockdown and having to adjust to the new normal. This enforced break has given us the chance to try a new hobby or to restart an old one. The changes brought about by social distancing measures will give us opportunities as well as challenges. Now is the time to be bold whether you buy that motorbike you always wanted or go on a road trip with your family.

An elderly man walking past a clock and a sign saying what next.

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Struggling To Get By In Retirement? Leveraging Your Assets For Liquidity

Your retirement years are your golden years. You should be free to enjoy them in comfort and (dare we say it) just a little luxury. The autumn of your life should be the time at which you divest yourself of all the stress and anxiety that plagued you throughout your working life. A time when you focus on what really matters like your family and your spouse. It should be about looking after yourself in mind and body, enjoying regular gentle exercise and keeping your mind active. It should be about seeing the world, and enjoying new experiences. It’s a time for appreciating fine foods and wine. It’s about experimenting with new hobbies and creative pursuits. It’s about using the new abundance of time you have to do things that bring you happiness and contentment. Continue reading “Struggling To Get By In Retirement? Leveraging Your Assets For Liquidity”

Boost Your Income Through Trading & Investments: Tips & Advice To Get You Started

In times of uncertainty we all need to think about investments and savings. it is important to make our future as secure as possible. 

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