Two years of blogging

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Last month I celebrated the Platinumline’s second birthday. As many blogs fail in the first six months I am quietly pleased to still be blogging. I think it is time to reflect on what I have learnt and try to set out some goals for the future.

When I retired I wanted to find ways to “finance the fun” and still keep my mind active. I tried several ways to make money. 

I  quickly decided mystery shopping was my favourite and I even enjoyed writing the often lengthy reports that the companies require. My jobs included visiting National trust properties and I thought it was a shame that my hard work would be hidden for ever. So I decided to start a blog.

I knew very little about blogging and although I knew people made money from blogs I doubted that I would be one of them. To be honest I was more interested in making cyber friends and finding more about third age living in other parts of the world.


Blogging from baby to toddler

A baby smiling in the grass

I have always enjoyed writing but  blogging introduced me to a whole new world. I quickly found most blogging guides were aimed at youngsters who are already familiar with Facebook and Instagram. Luckily I discovered a couple of Facebook groups for blogging grandmothers who were happily to help me. I have concentrated on SEO and D.A. rather than social media and I think it is beginning to pay off. Now most people find my blog through search engines.

Most bloggers struggle with the question whether to try to make money from blogging or to keep it as a hobby. My own feeling is that I would at least like to cover costs and I  now do this. I accept links that are relevant to my blog and also sponsored posts.

Latest news

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I have been invited to beta test a referral scheme for Getyourguide an affiliate network for travel bloggers.  Get  your guide referral program for travel writers and bloggers link . (I will get a small commission if you sign up and make any sales.).

I have also become an affiliate for Legoland Windsor holidays . My grandson who loves Lego will be celebrating his fifth birthday there in September and has promised to take some photos for me.

It has been very difficult for bloggers to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic and I joined this post showing how other bloggers are navigating the pandemic.

After months at home we have been able to book a holiday. We will be staying in a cottage near the small village of Sheepwash in Devon and I look forward to sharing some photos.


Holidays at Legoland Windsor

This year holidays will be different. We have had to swap a planned holiday to Sicily with a trip to Mount Vesuvius for a short self catering break to Devon. I am sure we will enjoy countryside walks and trips to the local pub but if you have children it can be difficult to make a staycation exciting.

A street in Legoland Windsor

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Tips for travelling when you have a hearing loss

Travelling gives us the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with our family and friends and now that travel restrictions are starting to be lifted, more and more of us are thinking about our next holiday and planning how we can start enjoying the world again. We have been encouraged to wear masks on public transport to help prevent the spread of Covid 19 but this makes lip reading impossible and can also make it more difficult for other people to understand us.

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How to start a small business from home after retirement

A young girl working on her computer while running a small business from home.


One way to make more money and set yourself up for a pleasant retirement is to work for yourself. Having your own business is an excellent way to have more control over your life, schedule, and career.

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Ashton Court Estate A walk in the park

The historic  850 acre Ashton Court Estate is a firm favourite with Bristolians. It is just 10 minutes from the centre of Bristol and is a marvellous place to relax or enjoy woodland walks, golf or mountain biking.  Nature lovers can enjoy watching herds of red and fallow deer, spotting the large oak trees, rare beetles or wild flowers. It is also home to the world famous balloon festival and in a normal year you can enjoy watching over a hundred balloons take off or see the magical night glow when the pilots light their burners in time to music. Continue reading “Ashton Court Estate A walk in the park”