About the Platinum Line blog



A builder looking at a website blueprint
I am still very much at the planning stage.

This is my first serious attempt at a blog. I chose the name “the platinum line” as Platinum is a precious metal associated with the number seventy. When you have been married seventy years you celebrate your platinum wedding anniversary. Many years ago I worked in a laboratory and used platinum electrodes. Platinum is a dull grey metal but it can be an important catalyst for many things.

My tag line  is “financing the fun after retirement” is because I think there is no point telling you how I love travelling at home and abroad without also giving you some idea how I finance my lifestyle.  Some posts in this section.

Make an extra £20.00 a month by filling in surveys

Selling books online

How to earn money as a mystery shopper


Some of these pages contain affiliate links which means that I may receive a small payment if you click on my links but I only recommend sites that I use and trust.

The fun Part

I have also been writing posts about places I have visited and walks I enjoyed.  Recent Posts .

A grand day out. Gromit unleashed 2 in Bristol

A visit to Nantes

Roman Londinium: A London walk in the past

Two National Trust properties to visit near Bath.



A few sites I  found useful  when I  began

This is a free resource for novice or experienced bloggers.  The money shed also has a very helpful blog and forum for all things related to earning money at home.



This site has a lot of helpful information about using social media such as Pinterest and Instagram.


Emma is an award winning money blogger who has a lot of information on her site about earning money from home and also runs her own course “my blog My business” about monetising a blog.

EmmaDrew.Info – Make Money, Save Money, Live The Life You Want

I have also followed the wordpress blogging fundamentals and commentating basics.   The mistakes are my own.