About the Platinum Line blog

A builder looking at a website blueprint
I am still very much at the planning stage.

This is my first serious attempt at a blog. I chose the name “the platinum line” as Platinum is a precious metal associated with the number seventy. When you have been married seventy years you celebrate your platinum wedding anniversary. Many years ago I worked in a laboratory and used platinum electrodes. Platinum is a dull grey metal but it can be an important catalyst for many things.

I hope to use this site to talk about subjects that interest me like history and travel and to connect with other people with similar interests.  I would love you to get in touch so please leave a comment or visit my facebook page.

I hope you will take the time to explore my site. Click here  if you want to find out more  About me

My tag line  is “financing the fun after retirement” is because I think there is no point telling you how I love travelling at home and abroad without also giving you some idea how I finance my lifestyle.  Some posts in this section.

Helping with academic research

Make an extra £20.00 a month by filling in surveys

Selling books online

How to earn money as a mystery shopper

Some of these pages contain affiliate links which means that I may receive a small payment if you click on my links but I only recommend sites that I use and trust.  The Platinum line is a U.K. blog.  Non U.K. readers are very welcome but some of the information may not be relevant or available to you.

I also accept product reviews for products I like and suppliers I can trust.

House of Silver

The fun Part

I have also been writing posts about places I have visited and walks I enjoyed.  Recent Posts .

A grand day out. Gromit unleashed 2 in Bristol

A visit to Nantes

Roman Londinium: A London walk in the past

Two National Trust properties to visit near Bath.

Westonbirt going for gold

A visit to Prague

A few sites I  found useful  when I  began

This is a free resource for novice or experienced bloggers.  The money shed also has a very helpful blog and forum for all things related to earning money at home.



This site has a lot of helpful information about using social media such as Pinterest and Instagram.


Emma is an award winning money blogger who has a lot of information on her site about earning money from home and also runs her own course “my blog My business” about monetising a blog.


I have also followed the wordpress blogging fundamentals and commentating basics.   The mistakes are my own.

Blogging groups I recommend

I am a member of Grammy’s grid. A friendly group for blogging grandmother’s.


Some of my posts and pages contain affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you click and sign up to the site. However I only recommend sites I have used myself and I believe are reputable.
I have also signed up to the Amazon associate programme which means that if you buy a product through my links I get a small commission.  It does not affect the price you pay.

I will always disclose sponsorship links.