Bristol life in a lockdown part two

It has been a strange month. Like much of the world we have been in a lockdown because of coronavirus. Despite modern science we are faced with a pandemic without effective drugs, vaccines or treatments. Governments can only advise us to stay at home. In England this means we are only supposed to go out for essential shopping or exercise. To be honest this staycation is getting boring according to my google timeline I travelled a total of nineteen miles in March. Continue reading “Bristol life in a lockdown part two”

Easter wishes from Bristol


Easter will be very strange this year. In some ways nothing has changed. There are still lambs in the fields and bluebells in the woods.  Birds are making nests and trees are coming into leaf. In other ways every thing has changed. I never imagined I would live through a pandemic. A virus has emerged for which we have no vaccine or treatment and our only defence is the euphemistically titled “social distancing”. For most people it means we can no longer see our family or friends for fear of spreading infection. Here in England restaurants, pubs and non essential shops have been closed and sporting events have been cancelled.

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Upon Westminster Bridge

It has just been announced from Westminster that Boris Johnson, the prime minister, Nick Hancock, the health minister, Dr Witty, the chief medical officer and Prince Charles have all gone into self isolation with Corona virus. Here in Britain we are in lock down and non essential workers and most pensioners have to stay at home. We are only allowed out to buy essential supplies and to exercise near home once a day. We are not allowed to visit friends or family.

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Walking for health after retirement

Any one reading my blog will know that I enjoy walking. Most weekends I go out with a walk in the past history group and we walk four or five miles often up and down hills.

A cow in the river
A Constable moment

My husband took this photograph near Bradford on Avon on our walk last week.  I love learning more about the history of our local area and visiting the countryside which is looking its best at this time of year. I know walking is good for both my mental and physical health and am keen to encourage others to share my interest. Continue reading “Walking for health after retirement”