Holidays at Legoland Windsor

This year holidays will be different. We have had to swap a planned holiday to Sicily with a trip to Mount Vesuvius for a short self catering break to Devon. I am sure we will enjoy countryside walks and trips to the local pub but if you have children it can be difficult to make a staycation exciting.

A street in Legoland Windsor

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Tips for travelling when you have a hearing loss

Travelling gives us the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with our family and friends and now that travel restrictions are starting to be lifted, more and more of us are thinking about our next holiday and planning how we can start enjoying the world again. We have been encouraged to wear masks on public transport to help prevent the spread of Covid 19 but this makes lip reading impossible and can also make it more difficult for other people to understand us.

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Things to think about when hiring a car

The government has just announced that lockdown will be eased further from the beginning of July and that it may be possible to go on holiday at least for a staycation. We had a holiday to Italy cancelled at the beginning of June and are now wondering if it might still be possible to get away for a few days.  You too may be wondering where you might want to go and want the excitement of having something to look forward to. Continue reading “Things to think about when hiring a car”

Holy week in Seville

Today I have a guest post from my daughter Angela who has also provided the photos. She was lucky enough to spend three months teaching English as a foreign language in a bilingual school in Seville in Southern Spain a couple of years ago and experienced the Easter celebrations for holy week.  This was part of the Erasmus scheme which provides study opportunities abroad for both students and teachers. She was surprised to find that children got a lot less chocolate than at home and a shorter Easter holiday. Many of the children came to school wearing national costume.


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A walking tour of historic Southwark

Every district of London has its own identity. From upmarket Chelsea to the more working class areas of the East End. Southwark which as its name suggests is on the South bank of the river Thames was long seen as a rather disreputable area, home to theatres such as Shakespeare’s globe, the clink a notorious medieval prison and the barber surgeons of St. Thomas hospital.

Effigy of Shakespeare reclining in Southwark cathedral
Sculpture of William Shakespeare in Southwark cathedral

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