Struggling To Get By In Retirement? Leveraging Your Assets For Liquidity

Your retirement years are your golden years. You should be free to enjoy them in comfort and (dare we say it) just a little luxury. The autumn of your life should be the time at which you divest yourself of all the stress and anxiety that plagued you throughout your working life. A time when you focus on what really matters like your family and your spouse. It should be about looking after yourself in mind and body, enjoying regular gentle exercise and keeping your mind active. It should be about seeing the world, and enjoying new experiences. It’s a time for appreciating fine foods and wine. It’s about experimenting with new hobbies and creative pursuits. It’s about using the new abundance of time you have to do things that bring you happiness and contentment. Continue reading “Struggling To Get By In Retirement? Leveraging Your Assets For Liquidity”

Walking for health after retirement

Any one reading my blog will know that I enjoy walking. Most weekends I go out with a walk in the past history group and we walk four or five miles often up and down hills.

A cow in the river
A Constable moment

My husband took this photograph near Bradford on Avon on our walk last week.  I love learning more about the history of our local area and visiting the countryside which is looking its best at this time of year. I know walking is good for both my mental and physical health and am keen to encourage others to share my interest. Continue reading “Walking for health after retirement”