Things to think about when hiring a car

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The government has just announced that lockdown will be eased further from the beginning of July and that it may be possible to go on holiday at least for a staycation. We had a holiday to Italy cancelled at the beginning of June and are now wondering if it might still be possible to get away for a few days.  You too may be wondering where you might want to go and want the excitement of having something to look forward to. We made a decision to sell our car just before lock down started and to rely on public transport instead. We are old enough to qualify for bus passes which give us free travel on local buses and  get senior discounts on trains and coaches. However Covid 19 has changed things. We are being encouraged to use public transport only for essential journeys and have to wear masks on local buses. Passenger numbers are being severely restricted to allow for social distancing.

We have been looking at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a car for a few months. In the end we decided to purchase a small second hand car but for many other people car hire might be the best option and it is certainly a good choice if you are able to go abroad. We have hired cars in the U.S.A. and Europe and have had some very enjoyable holidays.

A few advantages of hiring a car on holiday:

A chance to test drive a new vehicle

Would you believe that some people use hiring a car on holiday as an opportunity to try out a new vehicle? It is true. It gives you the opportunity to use a car that you may be interested in purchasing back home, without the pressure of a salesperson trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. In some circumstances, buying a car would only present you with a five or ten-minute drive. Whereas hiring a car could be the extended drive you need to make your mind up. Having people inside it, carrying items you need and putting it through its paces.

A car provides you with space

While we have used public transport on holiday, one thing that it doesn’t give you is space. Space for your beach bags and towels. Space to carry some lunch for a picnic, or even just the things you need for the beach. It gives you the option of relaxing without having to carry a big heavy load around with you.

It might not be as expensive as you think

Hiring a car can give you the impression that you are adding further expense on to your holiday cost, and while that is true, it isn;t necessarily as expensive as you might think. There are some great deals online from companies like Ace Rent A Car that might have you tempted to book a car hire option and enable you to see more of the destination that you have travel.

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It can be convenient

Further to that, a car hire can be very convenient in terms of other travel arrangements while you are away. It is things like transfers from the airport to your hotel or accomodation. You could pick up your car hire at the airport and enable your holiday to start seamlessly and easily without the worry of a coach, bus or taxi transfer. This can also work well as you can use the car hire to return back to the airport at the end of your trip.

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